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Alexis Kretsch Memorial Scholarship


Alexis “Lexi” Kretsch

December 4, 1998 - July 10, 2015

Lexi also known as Smiley, lived and loved life to its fullest. Lexi was known for always smiling and laughing, both were so contagious. Lexi was a standout athlete exceling in both softball and volleyball.  Lexi’s love and passion was softball. During her off-season she spent countless hours of softball training, weight lifting, agility and speed training to make herself the best athlete she could be.  As a 10th grader she was being watched by many D-1 schools for her softball playing and amazing pitching. She was so dedicated, determined and focused on everything she did.

Lexi was so dedicated and compassionate about softball it wasn't just a game to her, it was lessons of life and those lessons that attributed to her wonderful character.  It taught her to never give up, give 100% to everything you do in life, love what you do, win humbly, lose proudly and remember there’s always someone you can help, teach, influence so set a good example.  She also felt that a sound body made for a sound mind.

Lexi always wrote smile on her wrist, not that she ever needed a reminder it, was her inspiration that when times get tough and trying, a smile always helps you through it.  Lexi was driven by her compassionate heart and an unmatched focus to help others.  Lexi was always helping the underdogs, those less fortunate and stopped bullying whenever she saw it happening. Lexi was always pushing herself to be better, learn more and do better in everything.  Lexi had great grades and wanted to become a pediatric nurse to help and work with children and hopefully save and make their lives better.  .Even though Lexi played sports every day and weekend, her family was #1, they came first and she would rather spend time with mom and grandma and grandpa than go to a party.

On July 9, 2015 Lexi was in a tragic car where an inattentive driver failed to yield and t-boned her.  Lexi suffered massive trauma. In the hours of terror at the hospital her family was approached by Life Source about donating Lexi’s organs. The decision was clear, Lexi wanted to be a Pediatric Nurse and save lives, so we said yes.  Lexi is a hero, she saved the life of a man with two daughters to needed a liver.

Lexi lives on in our hearts and her compassion and dedication are still inspiring others to be the best person they can be, live life to the fullest and love your family and friends.

Lexi is the love of my life, always was, always is and always will be.

Jennifer Kretsch
Lexi’s mom forever.