Minnesota Softball

Pick Up Player Form


Article 303 PICK-UP PLAYERS.

A. General Rule. All teams are permitted to pick-up three players as follows:

01. The team adding pick-up players must select eligible roster members from USA Softball registered teams.

02. Pick-up players must have played for a USA Softball registered team during the current season.

05. Pick-up players must be from the team’s same or lower classification.

06. Players ( Adult and Junior Olympics ) whose teams have qualified to compete in the highest level tournaments within a classification shall not be eligible pick-up players.

08. In adult divisions of play, a pick-up player may be substituted for after participation.

10. A player may play as a pick-up player with only one team other than their rostered USA Softball registered team within a division in a season.

11. Teams adding pick-up players must submit a completed official USA Softball pick-up player form attached to the official roster before the team plays in the tournament.

B. Fast Pitch, Modified Pitch, and Slow Pitch Pickup Players. A player may be picked up at any level of championship play prior to the National Championship Final as follows:

01. If players are picked up prior to the local association championship, they must be governed by their local association rules.

02. If players are picked up after their local association championship, the pick up player(s) must be governed by Article 303 of this Code.


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